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Enterprise networking for all

Exclusive and inclusive

Our unique and free event invites established businesses, start-ups and support-seekers looking for new opportunities, advice and ideas

More connections

Meet 19's welcoming, pay-it-forward style benefits from speed and freeform networking for a higher number of long-term leads 

Get free marketing

Through our blog and social media sites we can link your brand with the event free using any expert advice you care to share online

A fresh take on network events

Meet 19 contacts

Attending our friendly event means you will connect more quickly and secure more introductions and cards.

Save yourself time

Use our enjoyable three-minute Speed Meet feature to pitch and discover future associates or their networks.


Offer freebies and discounts to new associates in a supportive spirit and receive in kind for mutual promotion.

Boost your network

Give us feedback to help how Meet 19 can work to better our integrity for attendees and associates.

Help or be supported

See how established business and community-based projects can create an important free resource hub for all.

Be promoted online

Receive exceptional online support before, during and after the event with SEO, guest blogs & social media.

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Meet 19 event protocol

We'd love to welcome you, look out for the FREE TICKET links posted above or on our blogsite www.meet19.org. Spaces are currently limited to make our afternoons more manageable and sociable for all. 

Times and dates:
Event details will be sent out to you once you have booked and posted clearly on www.meet19.org via the Network News blog and this, our 'business card' website. Our next event will take place on Wednesday 28th 2017 3pm - 5pm @ Edendum Restaurant, 69 East St, Brighton BN1 1HQ.

Event order:
We politely ask you to arrive five to ten minutes before 3pm to grab teas, coffees and seats before we begin.
Introduction and announcements = 5mins
Expert Talk = approx 10mins
Speed Meet = approx 30-60mins
Regular Networking = bookends the event

Promotional materials
There will be a designated table foryour extra contact cards, flyers, freebies, discounts and other assorted printed materials. 

Speed Meet Networking:
The tables have arrows in the direction that attendees follow when the three minutes of talk time is up. After one and half minutes you will hear a bell, and after three, a foghorn sound. Does it work? Of course, associates have found it perfect for sharing pitches, business cards, ideas and mutual associations. They  also get to return, catch up and practise putting across better offers. For more see our cribsheet here.

Freeform Networking:
The rest of the event is for socialising and consolidation, much like a normal network event. There may also be announcements and relevant flyers given out.

For the meeting  you'll need business or contact cards – including two for our pot, please – plus you may want to polish up an elevator pitch of your services, products, ideas or wants. The Speed Meet three minutes go quick, but we have found that it helps cut to the chase and focus purely on business prospecting. For example, if only ten people are present, you can walk away with nine introductions and cards. 

If you already have a freebie or discount to offer let us know and we'll mention it on our www.meet19.org blogsite. Any free stuff of course is down to your expense account, generosity or estimate of pay-off, but please remember it is intended to be part of our spirit to pay it forward to others. There is no obligation.

Online marketing:
Once you've signed up for an event, effectively making you a Meet 19 Associate or 'member' we can promote your enterprise online across to 10,000+ followers on social and business networking sites. If you have any advice-giving or opinion blog articles, videos or podcasts reflecting you or your organisation's expertise, we'll be happy to post and web market them around our network, free.  

Online etiquette:
We politely ask you to stick to advice-giving indirect marketing (blatant self-promotion reads bad) whenever you decide to post. Using appropriate online etiquette shows that you understand our wish to avoid clogging channels with advertising, so putting people off from using them as a resource.

We've designed our gatherings to incorporate a mix of those who are established, for example: - prestigious business, company reps, experienced freelancers, successful traders, SMEs, small business, brands and networkers; together with those looking to become established (we have vetted) :- new to business, start-ups, charities, business support, government-funded project seekers, inspiration searchers, friends, ex-colleagues, traders in their first two years, local networkers, regional project managers and network first-timers.

We are endeavouring to keep the events fresh and enjoyable.However, as we are work in progress we welcome feedback, although much of what we are doing has already been well thought through. 

Meet 19 is a free event, but as places are limited you must let us know in advance – at least 24hrs before the event – if you can't make it so we can arrange a replacement guest. If a person doesn't attend without letting us know then out of fairness and sustainability we will ask for £5 to cover the costs of admin, organisation, booking, promotion and for the space that could have been taken. This is also clearly explained on the original Eventbrite invite. Your position can easily be placed back on the invite list for a later event if you like.

Network follow-up and continuity:
Note that we have a designated Meet 19 Facebook page (link below) for those seeking inspiration plus a group page on LinkedIn (link below) for those already trading. Our blogsite www.meet19.org also features three network blogs: Experts in the Field, Enterprise Support and Network News. We also have a Twitter feed (link below) to link all this and suggest using the channels where you feel you can gain the most.


    • Edendum Restaurant (next to Toni & Guy) 69 East Street, Brighton and Hove, BN1 1HQ
    • Mobile 07901 68 7575
    • meet19sussex@gmail.com